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Why I’m Grateful for my Hour-Long Commute

I knew that signing up for a homestay came with the risk of a long commute. Even so, I felt a pit form in my stomach when I saw that my homestay was located an hour away from the DIS campus. Honestly, I was in a state of despair. I feared that I was losing valuable time. The hour I would need to commute to and from campus, I thought, could be much better spent. However, having been at DIS for over a month now, I’ve found that I am actually quite grateful for my long commute.

I have classes at 8:30am. Generally, My alarm goes off at 6am. Usually quite groggily, I fumble to find my phone and turn off my alarm. The house is always quiet as I brew a pot of coffee and make myself breakfast. It is only because of these mornings, that I realize how hectic my life here is. That is not a bad thing, but on these mornings, I take comfort in the moments of silence before the world awakes.

Next comes the train ride. During my first week here, I resolved to put my phone away during this time. So, I journal. I write about any aspirations, anxieties or general thoughts that are on my mind. It is a beautiful way to get in touch with myself before starting my day.

As the train moves nearer to Copenhagen, I people watch. I see young kids laughing as they head to school, people finishing up PowerPoints as they commute to work and young lovers sharing coffees. As the new day begins, I have the opportunity to watch the world around me come to life.

Because of my commute, I am able to watch the sun rise and set. I have seen the short days start to get longer. Recently, on my ride home, I witnessed the most magnificent and perfect rainbow.

For all of these lovely experiences, I am grateful. I feared that my hours spent commuting to and from campus would be wasted time. However, I can say with certainty that, given the opportunity, I would not choose to spend this time any other. way.

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