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Marceline the Vampire Queen the Chicken

Walking around the Copenhagen area recently, some things are different. The grass is a bit greener, and the tops of tulips are reaching out from the earth. The sun stays high in the sky past five, making the days seem much longer. And, the songs of birds have begun to fill the air. All of this meaning one thing- Spring is in the air. And, for my host mom, that means it’s time for new chickens.

People in Frederikssund know that when they want farm fresh eggs, there is one person they can count on; my host mom, Gudran. Gudran has been keeping chickens for about eight years. She has a large grassy backyard with a pen where the chickens spend their days chattering and lounging in the sun. Every morning, Gudran makes her way outside to collect the new eggs, which she then delivers to locals.

A few weeks ago, I made the short drive with Gudran to a local farm that called itself “Chicken City”. It was a sunny Saturday when we went, and a multitude of animals were wandering the farm and enjoying the warmth. There were cats, cows, sheep and chicken.

Gudran gave me the task of picking out a chicken, but not just any chicken. There is a certain type of chicken which lays beautiful blue-green eggs. I was to pick one of these. The chicken that stood out to me the most was a lovely silvery-gray color. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of chicken city, she was keeping to herself. She seemed to be enjoying her solitude and, although there is a good chance I was reading way to much into this chicken, I resonated with it. I was decided. This was the perfect chicken.

I decided to name her after a character in one of my favorite shows, Marceline the vampire queen from Adventure Time. After all, the character is mysterious and magical. My chicken is likewise mysterious and lays magical-looking blue eggs, so it seemed like the perfect fit. So, formerly, she is Marceline the Vampire Queen the Chicken, but we just call her Marcey.

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