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Cow Release Day: The Sign of Spring

The rain is subsiding and the clouds are going away. At long last, it is spring time in Denmark. It seems as though everybody has been waiting for this; waiting to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun’s rays, waiting to be able to sit in the grass and smells the sweet flowers. Everyone- including the cows.

As I learned from my host mom, the day that the cows are released from the barn and into the grassy fields is a big deal here in Denmark. It is known as cow release day, and it happens at farms all over the country. People bring their whole families to witness the joy of the cows as, after a long winter, they get released. It is the true sign of Springtime in Denmark, and a sight I was fortunate to see this year.

It was around 11am when we arrived at the farm and pulled into the large grassy field, completely packed with cars. After stepping out of the car, we made the fifteen minute walk through the beautiful woodsy-area to the barns in which the cows were kept. The trail was marked with signs, adorned with cartoon images of cows, pointing us in the right direction.

Once in the area with the barns, we found a good spot near the fence, standing in anticipation as we waited for the cows to be released. Kids and adults alike stood around us, looking eager and excited. Once the clock struck 12, the bell rang, and the barn doors opened. Hundreds of cows rushed from the barn, running by the crowds of people into the big open field. You could sense the joy in the animals as they trotted through the grass, sniffing the flowering and looking up at the sun. It was evident that their joy was contagious, as everyone in the crowd smiled and laughed. This sign of Spring was simple, but it filled so many people with delight. It was truly a lovely event to experience.

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