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Sun & Sand: My Trip to Greece

Last week was Spring Break and I decided to use it as an opportunity to explore Europe outside of Denmark. Along with three friends, I boarded a plane to Thessaloniki, Greece. Here are a two highlights from the trip.

  1. Exploring in the Sun

Walking out of the airport, I felt the need to put my sunglasses on. It was a bright day with clear skies; around 70 degrees. After reaching the hotel and dropping off our bags, my friends and I hit the streets to explore and take advantage of the sun. We roamed the cobblestone roads, taking in the breath-taking architecture. We stopped at street vendors for Fredo cappuccinos- a cold, frothy & delicious Greek speciality.

Walking along the water, we stumbled across a pirate ship docked at the shore. Two people welcomed us on for a free sunset tour. We claimed the best seats at the front of the ship and took in the smell of salt and the feeling of the ocean breeze. We admired the mountains in he distance and the birds along the shore. The sun shone on our faces as we enjoyed this unexpected result of our exploration.

2. A Picnic in the Sand

On the second day of the trip we decided to head to the beach. However, before we hailed a taxi we made a quick stop at a lovely outdoor market. We picked out some fresh fruit, locally made cheese, crackers and juice. After packing up these treats, we made the quick journey to the seashore.

We laid out or blanket and towels and turned on some music. We relaxed, talked and munched on the delicious picnic we had put together. It was a rather uneventful outing, and that was just what we had hoped for. Laying in the sand, we simply relaxed.

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