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Life Advice for your 20s, 30s and 40s

Sadly, the semester is coming to an end. In addition to final papers and projects, I’ve also been attending final outings with my classes. One of these being a lovely group dinner with my Danish class. During which, I asked my professor about his life experiences and what his best advice is for young adults. Here’s what he had to say.

For your 20s, he said to follow your passion. Make sure that whatever you pursue lights a fire within you. Don’t use your time, he told me, on something that you don’t care about deeply.

For your 30s, he advised, you should chill out. He told me to realize that problems might arise that seem insurmountable, but that I would get through them. He said that to enjoy life in your 30s, you mustn’t sweat the small stuff. Relax and appreciate the present moment.

For your 40s, he said to settle. Upon hearing this advice, I refuted it. “Settle? Why should I settle?” I asked him. He told me that the perfect thing, in any aspect of life, does not exist. By settle, he meant to not give up on something because it isn’t perfect. He said that in your job, in your relationships, and in your passions, settling is accepting the imperfections. Settling is acknowledging that everything in life takes effort. And just because something requires work, doesn’t mean you should give up on it.

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