I am currently a junior at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. I study communications and philosophy. I grew up in Geneva, IL. From creating fantasy worlds as a child, to skydiving and cliff-diving, I have always sought adventure. Outside of my comfort zone is one of my favorite places to be.

This blog is a documentation of my current adventure. That is, studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. While here, I am partaking in the New Media and Changing Communities core course. This course explores the way in which media shapes how people communicate with others, form communities and perceive themselves. It is with these classmates that I will be venturing to Sweden and Ireland to experience speakers and experiences related to this field.

My interests in philosophy and communications meet each other in my love of stories. Specifically, the true stories about the experiences, beliefs and lessons learned by people from all walks of life. I believe that it is through the sharing of stories that people connect and understand each other. While in Denmark, I plan to listen and learn about the lives of the people here. How do their ties to to their communities shape their sense of self? What experiences unique to the Danish culture serve as significant memories? These things and more I plan to explore and write about while here.

Let’s build something together.